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My Fibers - My Roots
My Fibers - My Roots
textile art

This work means a lot to me as it is the garment of my life story that wears daily on me.
Life was eventful and intense, with all its good and bad - like a fabric of many fibers interwoven into one story.
Not a single thread can be removed from it without destroying the integrity of all.
Born in one country, raised in another, taken across the ocean to mature on a new continent has made me a global citizen indeed.
But there is no growing tree without its roots!
One learns how to belong based on Love, Understanding, and Gratitude, and finding Beauty everywhere, in everything and in everyone - that gives you a sense of belonging, and creates deeper roots and stronger fibers within.
The inspiration for this artwork was the Romanian folk coat decorated with Scythian symbols of Russian steppes, with branches grown from seeds brought from my birthplace, and covered with photographs of loved ones sewn as the post stamps of my travels.