Adriana Poterash

The daily images of objects, people, events are fused into surreal world of uncommon alliances.
Abstractions, figurative approaches, traditional technique, new media and/or 3-D materials are all fused to deliver a clear visual impulse of thought or emotion.
I enjoy creating spaces where time looses its chronology, views warp into distorted perspectives, images collapse and deteriorate revealing layers of hidden images underneath, and sometimes making one group of objects to represent or masque another completely unrelated. It is a challenge and an exciting experiment that drives me.
I enjoy transforming mundane objects into new structures and unexpected unions to give a strong and clear message.
The closer you look - the more you find; as if being drawn into another reality.

Acrylic, porcelain, fibers, glass, on board, 24"x30", 2019
The primordial living forms are trapped in circumstances hoping to survive. The threads of circumstances are encircling them as if they are held by invisible entity out of site of their comprehension.
They continue to live in hope of eventual freedom; yet, despite their best efforts, not all will...some will be relieved from circumstance only by their demise.
We are all trapped in challenges of our lives - trying, surviving and hoping.
Gold treads: represent entrapment;
Red wool in pores: represents the physical life;
Gold beads in pores: represent the Spirit;
White feather (added later, you can reposition it): represents hope
Unglazed untied form: represent a sceleton of expended lifetime